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Mobile Apps for Extended Stay in a Foreign Country

Traveling within a foreign country is a major adjustment, especially when your trip will involve an extended stay in unfamiliar territory. The good news is that there are tools that will help you get around – resources that you already use regularly for personal and professional use: Mobile and smartphone apps intended to assist travelers […]

17 Jun 2017 0

Awesome Day Trips from London

It’s exciting and fascinating to spend an extended stay in London, but even residents who adore the city love a quick getaway from time to time. The bonus of living in this great town is that there are tons of excellent highlights that don’t require you to spend a fortune on flights and lodging. Plan […]

13 Jun 2017 0

Your Healthcare Portfolio for an Extended Stay Abroad

You’ve got your passport in order, airfare is booked, and you’ve arranged awesome accommodations for your extended stay in a foreign country. And as you check items off your packing list, you breathe a sigh of relief. If there’s anything you’ve left behind, you can always buy it when you get to your destination, right? […]

9 Jun 2017 0

Getting to Know Your New London Neighborhood

You may not be able to fully understand all the British dialects, know The Tube like the back of your hand, or comprehend the intricate rules of rugby right away, but there is one thing you can do upon your arrival in London: Get to know your neighborhood. Whether your extended stay is a few […]

2 Jun 2017 0

Quintessential London Cocktails and Where to Drink Them

Londoners definitely like to enjoy a good pint when winding down, but ales and lagers can get a little old after a while…especially if you’re not a big fan of brews to begin with. Never fear – there’s more than beer in this town! Check out some of these quintessential London cocktails when you’re out […]

15 May 2017 0

3 Essential Wardrobe Pieces to Dress Like a Londoner

  You’ve definitely seen that person around town. The one whose wardrobe screams “tourist” – from the college-logo sweatshirt and Nike shoes to the backward baseball cap and camera around the neck. Not only is this look tacky, but it can get you barred from certain attractions and upscale hot spots in London. Plus, attire […]

15 May 2017 0

Making Friends During an Extended Stay in London

Even in a city as energetic and welcoming as London, it can be a challenge to find friends that share your interests and lifestyle. If you’ve moved into town on an extended stay for business, you might be short on time to meet new people. You might have more flexibility if the purpose of your […]

2 May 2017 0

Budgeting for a Long Term Stay in London

Not many places in the world are as uniquely charming and exciting as London, so you’re among the lucky ones if you get to spend an extended time in The City so great it gets a capital “C.” But your luck could run out quickly if you don’t properly budget for your stay. Some of […]

28 Apr 2017 0

Making Your Extended Stay Space Feel Like Home

Making Your Extended Stay Space Feel Like Home Even when you’re enjoying an extended stay trip in one of the world’s most vibrant cities, you’ll still want to add your own personal touch to the space you’re temporarily calling home. Obviously, there will be certain limitations on what you can do as far as décor […]

7 Apr 2017 0

Ideas for Date Night in London

You don’t get a pass on date night just because you’re spending an extended trip in London. In fact, for many couples, the opposite is true: A long term stay gives you more opportunities to experience the city, especially when you don’t know if or when you’ll be back. London is a lively, world-class destination, […]

24 Mar 2017 0