The History Behind South Kensington

Myrooms is renting some fabulous rooms in South Kensington. The cosmopolitan area is home to many cultural institutions. Such as the V&A, National History, and Science museums. Not to mention a variety of dining scenes. Ranging from chain restaurants to upscale South East Asian and European cuisine. It’s no shock that when moving to London, …

21. June 2021

June 21st

As we slowly approach the big day when most lockdown restrictions are meant to be lifted, there is a strange mix of excitement, disbelief, and anxiety in the air. Some have been waiting for the June 21st date since the new roadmap was announced by Downing Street. To others, it still feels too soon, too fast, …

14. June 2021

The History Behind Tower Hill

Myrooms is very lucky recently with our fabulous new listings across Tower Hill. Easily one of the most recognisable areas in the heart of London, it’s an incredibly attractive area to rent a room in. As it is one of the oldest parts of London, this week’s blog takes a dive into the rich history …

6. June 2021

Tips for first time flat-sharing

Sharing your first home with others outside of your support network is always a memorable one. We learn a lot of things about ourselves and other people when we flat-share. Working lives, cleaning preferences, relaxation styles – the list is infinite. Some people realise early on that they easily fit into a flat-share. Others struggle. …

30. May 2021

The History Behind King’s Cross

King’s Cross St Pancras is most notable for its train stations and home to one of the oldest churches in Europe. Served by a variety of underground, overground, and even international lines; this is an area of London filled with rushing commuters and visitors passing through. This week’s blog post takes a dive into some …

23. May 2021

What do we love about London?

London is one of the cities in the UK where you can feel the effects of the pandemic most. Reliant on tourism, commuters, and immigration, London has become a shell of what it once was. As a many moved their quarantine base outside of the city. But as things slowly open up again, and the …

16. May 2021