Stuck At Home? How To Move On After Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is still going strong and causing many people to begin feeling a little stir crazy. Being confined to you home, social distancing, government directed lockdowns and quarantine is almost too much for many to handle, the first couple of days working from home were easy. Enjoyable even. Then your flatmates got on …

23. June 2020

Things To Do And See In London

If you are planning on relocating to London, you are in for a treat as London is such a vibrant, multicultural city with so many things to do and see. As the capital of both the UK and England, London is a huge metropolis with more than eight million people. Many people travel to London …

22. June 2020

The 4 Best Things To Do In London This Spring

If you are just visiting the UK for the first time, or you are relocating to London, you are going to experience one of the most culturally and historically interesting places in the world. London offers stunning architecture, exciting nightlife, a wide range of restaurants, cafes and shopping opportunities that are truly world class. You …

16. March 2020

Top 3 Alternatives for a Hotel in London

We’ve all been there, scouring the web for a great deal on the perfect place to stay in London. Location, cost and ease of booking can all be factors when choosing a hotel. Somewhere close enough to the central areas; the City of London, Kensington and London Bridge, can be costly when thinking about the …

1. August 2019

Where to Nosh Late Night in London

Well, you’ve done it again: Gone out with friends for a quick evening pint – then, all of a sudden it’s 9:30 p.m. and you’re so starving you could gobble down a chicken burger that’s been sitting under the warmer since lunch. It’s time to step out of your fast food comfort zone and upgrade …

2. April 2019

Don’t Miss Festivals & Events in London: December (Non-Denominational) Edition

It’s December and London is all abuzz with festivities celebrating the holidays! Well, this isn’t that list. We’ve done our research to find the best events and activities for the month that are decidedly NOT related to any denominational holiday. For the most part, our picks will keep you indoors and out of the chill …

2. April 2019
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