How-To’s for Haggling in a Foreign Country

In many parts of the world, the price marked on an item is just an invitation to enter into negotiations. Haggling is accepted – and often expected – as a way to reach a compromise between the buyer hoping for a bargain and the vendor seeking to make a sale. But if you’re on the …

27. December 2017

Host a Holiday Party at Your Long Term Space

Sure, it’s fun to head out on the town with friends to celebrate the holidays, but staying in can also be a blast. If you’re worried that living in a long term space has to hold you back from the festivities, think again: You can host a shin-dig at your temporary home with a few …

21. December 2017

London for the Winter Holidays

Yes, it’s the holiday season once again – only this year, you’re in London. Whether you’ve got just a week or the entire month of December, you’ve got to set some priorities for your activities over the winter holidays. If you try to do it all, you’ll wake up in a daze in early January, …

13. December 2017

Top Places to People-Watch – No Matter Where You’re Travelling

There is perhaps no better way to truly immerse yourself in a culture than to relax and watch passers-by as they go about their daily business. But to get the most out of people-watching, you need to steer clear of the tourist traps and attractions: Though these destinations are an absolute must-do when you’re visiting …

27. November 2017

How to be the Perfect Tenant for your Landlord

With so many people now renting their homes rather than buying, it pays to have a good relationship with the person you’re renting your property from. We’ve asked 5 Star rated Landlord Insurance provider Just Landlords for their top tips on what makes a perfect tenant.   Many reports claim how unstable, insecure and sometimes …

15. November 2017

Cool Cafes to Work From Home

The best part about working remotely is the ability to do it anytime, from anywhere with high-speed internet access. The downside: Getting cagey after you’ve been staring at the same walls – and people – all day long. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta get out of the house to be productive doing your work-from-home thing. Fortunately, …

7. November 2017