The History Behind Notting Hill

Notting Hill; famous for the annual Notting Hill Carnival and Portobello Market. Myrooms offer flat-shares in this worldly district as we know this is a highly sought after living area. However, if you’re looking to rent here; how much do you know about its background? This blog examines a brief history behind Notting Hill. Pottery …

9. May 2021

Exam Season

Whilst us adults look forward to April and May due to its many public holidays, it is now crunch time for students. Undergraduate university exams begin next month, with a lot of course/practical work due this one. Students everywhere are trying to muster up the willpower to lurch themselves from their day out in the …

2. May 2021

The History Behind Soho

Soho is one of the busiest and most vibrant areas of Central London. Now the gay capital of London, and filed with bars, music venues, and raunchy shops, it’s hard to imagine that up until the 17th century Soho was only a series of open fields! In this blog, we examine a brief history behind …

25. April 2021

The Next Stage of Reopening; Excited or Nervous?

We hear a lot of talk surrounding how excited we are to ‘get things back to normal’. It’s only natural that we miss the freedoms we took for granted before. Whether it was meeting friends down at the pub for a drink, or even something as small as hugging a loved one. However one thing …

18. April 2021

The History Behind Angel Islington

Most Londoners know Angel Islington. It is even internationally recognised by having its own place on the Monopoly board. Some of Angel’s key features are; the lively Chapel Market, the cosy cafes in Camden Passage, and the abundance of independent shops. Myrooms know this area is attractive to live in. Which is why we rent …

11. April 2021

Why Art Matters

To state that lockdown has been difficult is the polar opposite of a controversial opinion. Many have found this past year challenging and isolating. It is in these extraordinary times, we are reminded that humans are social creatures. We serve a purpose; to enrich each other’s lives. Although we are currently physically isolated, different forms …

4. April 2021