Host a Holiday Party at Your Long Term Space

Sure, it’s fun to head out on the town with friends to celebrate the holidays, but staying in can also be a blast. If you’re worried that living in a long term space has to hold you back from the festivities, think again: You can host a shin-dig at your temporary home with a few tips on making your event the sensation of the season.


  • Forego What You Know: Obviously, you want to serve some killer food, but don’t count on finding all the ingredients you need for your famous dip. In a new neighborhood – and especially in a different country – you may be out of luck in locating that special spice mix or indispensable sauce. Instead of relying on your time-honored dishes, create new traditions. Hit up a farmer’s market, fix up a cheese plate, or try your hand at cooking up a local specialty.


Even Easier: Have party-goers bring their favorite home-made specialty. That way, you don’t labor in the kitchen all day and end up too tired to enjoy the party.


  • Develop a Versatile Punch: Equally important at your get-together are beverages. You could always make your fete a BYOB, but go the extra step by fixing up a tasty punch. There’s less mess and your fridge space won’t be occupied by miscellaneous bottles and cans.


A Few Brew Recipes to Try: The holidays call for a festive drink, so take advantage of the flavors of the season. The folks at Epicurious have prepared a long list of punch options, or you can take off the chill with one of these winter warmer cocktails. And If you’re the type to prefer videos:


  • Get Creative with Seating: Chances are you don’t have enough chairs for a crowd, but there are plenty of other options for seating. Move a bench from the bedroom, plop down on the cooler, borrow some folding chairs or – for simplicity’s sake – just toss some pillows on the floor.


Upcycle a Spot to Squat: With a little time and a few basic materials, you can create your own seating that will last more than just the night of the party. Check out a few ideas on how to turn an old tire into an ottoman on the cheap.


Are you hosting a bash in your extended stay space this holiday season? We’d love to hear your tips on how to make it a stunning success.