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Gorgeous double room in the heart of Camden Town, NW1!

Available from April 29

Room features

Double Bed
Wooden Floors


We are renting this fantastic double room for single use in Camden Town

This double room to rent in North London comes fully furnished with a double bed, large wardrobe, and wooden floors. It is part of a five-bedroom apartment located on the first floor of the complex. 

This spacious flat comes with a communal kitchen, lounge, and dining area. Also two full bathrooms to accommodate five flat-mates. Additionally, the rent price will include all bills, WiFi, and a bi-weekly professional cleaning service. 

Pratt Street is in the heart of Camden Town. With Camden Town Station only a five minute walk away, you can easily hop on and off the Northern line. Or travel via the various bus routes served in the area. The flat is close to all the shops and amenities one would need. Furthermore, you will be near local gin bars, something Camden is well-known for, restaurants, and entertainment venues such as The Roundhouse. In summary, if you are looking to live in a dynamic, lively borough of London, this room is perfect for you. 

However please note that this is an advertisement for a room to rent within a flat-share in London. If this is your first time flat-sharing in London, worry not. Our clients mainly consist of young professionals and corporate individuals and we aim to match you with like-minded persons for an enjoyable living experience.


To pay per week
Weekly rent
£ 221


To pay on move in
1 month rent
Tenancy contribution
1 week rent
Services and expenses
Cleaning service (Opt.)
£25 (VAT excluded)

House rules

  • Perfect for students / professionals
  • Pets not allowed
  • Smoking not allowed

Myrooms Guarantee

*You are not paying anything now. You will only be charged once the booking is accepted.

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Myrooms Guarantee

*You are not paying anything now. You will only be charged once the booking is accepted.